Dr. Sandy Z. Sandlin, Pastor

Sandy has been in ministry as a licensed and ordained minister since 1975. Sandy received his BBA from Texas Tech University, and both his Masters of Divinity and Dr. of Ministry degrees from Southwestern Theological Seminary.
Sandy has been directly involved in local (Meals on Wheels), state (Idaho, Iowa, New Mexico, & New York), and foreign missions (Canada, Mexico, & Brazil), as well as serving on various mission and university boards. He has extensive experience in pastoral counseling, discipleship, and evangelism, having served various congregations in West Texas, North Texas, and Southeast Texas, leading each congregation to new growth with 5 building campaigns raising more than $4 million in capital expansion. He also served as Vice President of Development for Bill Glass Prison Ministries and continues to be active as Chaplain for Howard County Emergency Services. Sandy has led 3 tours to Israel, which is one of his favorite places to go.
Sandy, and his wife Paula, have 4 grown children and 8 grandchildren. His hobbies include photography, guitar, and outdoor camping (especially in Colorado).