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Egg Hunt April 3, 2010
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Pastor Kenneth McIntosh,

hot dog cook

The bunnies who his the eggs
Jim Shelton
Donna Fish
Alex Leuschner
(Joycee Davis's Grandson)
Tyler McFall
Shelane Roberts' Granddaughter
Bradie Leuschner
(Joycee David's Granddaughter)
Jacy MacKenzie
Alex Reagan
Kennedy Johnson
Jim Shelton grandson
with Jim Shelton
Lanson Moore
Shelane Roberts' group
Alex Leuschner (belongs to Joycee Davis group)
Shelane's granddaughters.
Courtney and Little Kennedy Johnson
Donna and Granddaughters


Mariah and friend.


Ken blessing the food along with Emma Johnson and Alex Reagan
Going thru the food line........


Hot Dogs and Chips for the Egg Hunt


Eulaine McIntosh
Jim Shelton's crew


Greg and Erinn Moore's
son Lanson


Jim Shelton's grandkids.
Jim Shelton's group


Shelane Roberts and her granddaughters
Jim Shelton's grandson
Shelane Roberts and granddaughter)     Mike and Niki Leuschner and Tom Davis
Stacia, Shelane, Donna and granddaughers
Barbara Ervin - Fellowship Chairperson and helpers.....Laura and Frank Sickles
Brothers!    (the older boy is part of our Youth Group at FCC)
Tap and Wiley McIntosh



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